Industries and Trades in which business is conditional

The total 227 Industries and trades in which business is conditional (Appendix 4 Law on Investment No.61/2020)

No. Industry or trade
1. Production of seals
2. Trading support devices [small size weaponry and combat gear] (including repair)
3. Trading fireworks, except for firecrackers
4. Trading equipment and camouflage software used for sound recording, image recording and locating
5. Trading paintball guns
6. Trading military equipment and supplies for the people’s armed forces, military weapons, technical equipment, ammunition and specialized vehicles used for the army and police; and components, accessories, spare parts and specialized equipment and technology used for their production
7. Pawnshop services
8. Massage services
9. Trading signalling or warning equipment for priority [or emergency] vehicles
10. Security guard services
11. Fire prevention and firefighting services
12. Lawyer’s practice
13. Notary’s practice
14. Judicial assessment [legal evaluation] practice in the sectors of finance, banking, construction, antiques, relics, and authorship [copyright]
15. Auctioneer’s practice
16. Bailiff’s practice
17. Practice by asset managers and liquidators regarding assets of enterprises and co -operatives during resolution of bankruptcy
18. Accounting services
19. Auditing services
20. Tax agency services
21. Customs agency services
22. Trading duty-free goods
23. Bonded warehouse business and business of [leasing out] locations for gathering small volumes of goods
24. Business of [leasing out] locations for conducting customs procedures, laydown areas [of goods], and for customs inspection and supervision
25. Securities trading
26. Services of securities registration, depository and clearance by securities depository centres/organizing markets for trading listed and other securities
27. Insurance business
28. Reinsurance business
29. Insurance brokerage and insurance auxiliary services
30. Insurance agency
31. Price evaluation services
32. Lotteries business
33. Electronic games with prizes for foreigners
34. Credit rating services
35. Casino business
36. Betting business
37. Voluntary retirement fund management services
38. Petrol and oil trading
39. Gas trading
40. Commercial assessment services
41. Trading industrial explosives (including destruction)
42. Trading explosives precursors
43. Business in industries and trades using industrial explosives and explosives precursors
44. Blasting services
45. Trading chemicals except for prohibited chemicals under the International Convention on prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and on their destruction
46. Trading wine and spirits [alcohol]
47. Trading tobacco products, tobacco raw materials, and specialized machinery and equipment for the tobacco industry
48. Trading foods under the specialized management of the MoIT
49. Commodity Exchange operations
50. Electricity generation, transmission, distribution, wholesaling, retail, and consultancy to the power industry
51. Rice export
52. Temporary import for re-export of goods subject to special sales tax
53. Temporary import for re-export of frozen food
54. Temporary import for re-export of goods on the List of second-hand goods
55. Trading minerals
56. Trading industrial precursors
57. Tradinggoodsandactivitiesdirectlyrelatingtotradinggoods[distribution]byforeign serviceprovidersin Vietnam
58. Pyramid [multi-level] sales
59. E-commerce activities
60. Petroleum activities
61. Energy auditing
62. Vocational educational activities
63. Quality control testing of vocational education
64. Occupational skill assessment services
65. Labour safety [occupational] technical accreditation services
66. Occupational safety and hygiene training services
67. Employment agency services
68. Overseas employment agency services [for workers going to work overseas]
69. Voluntary drug rehabilitation services; and services of curing smoking addiction; HIV/AISD treatment; and services of caring for aged, disabled/handicapped and children
70. Labour sub-leasing [outsourcing] services
71. Road transport services
72. Automobile warranty and maintenance services
73. Manufacture, assembly and import of automobiles
74. Motor vehicle testing services
75. Automobile driving instruction services
76. Traffic safety inspector training services
77. Vehicle driving test services
78. Traffic safety assessment services
79. Waterway transport services
80. Services of new building, rebuilding and repair of inland watercraft
81. Services of training crew and operators of inland watercraft
82. Training maritime crew and arranging recruitment and supply of maritime crew
83. Maritime navigation services
84. Sea transport
85. Shipping tugboat [ship towing] services
86. Import and dismantling of second-hand ships
87. Ship building, conversion and repair services
88. Seaport operation business
89. Air transport business
90. Services of design, manufacture, maintenance and testing of aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers and other aircraft equipment in Vietnam
91. Airport and aerodrome business
92. Aviation services at airports and aerodromes
93. Air navigation [flight operation assurance] services
94. Airline staff [flight crew] training services
95. Rail transport business
96. Rail infrastructure business [commercial operation of rail infrastructure]
97. Urban rail business
98. Multimodal transport services
99. Services of transport of dangerous [hazardous] goods
100. Conduit [pipeline] transport services
101. Real estate trading
102. Clean water (domestic water) trading
103. Architectural business services
104. Construction project management consultancy
105. Construction survey services
106. Services of construction design and evaluation of construction design
107. Construction [building of works] supervision consultancy services
108. Construction [building of works] services
109. Foreign contractors’ construction activities
110. Construction investment costs management services
111. Construction inspection services
112. Specialized construction laboratory testing services
113. Services of management and operation of apartment buildings
114. Services of cremation management and operation of cremation facilities
115. Services of formulation of design of construction planning
116. Trading white asbestos of the Serpentine group
117. Postal services
118. Telecom services
119. Digital signature authentication services
120. Publishers’ activities
121. Printing services excluding printing on packaging
122. Publication issuance services
123. Social network services
124. Games on telecom networks and the internet
125. Pay radio and television services
126. General website development services
127. Services of processing, repairing and refurbishing second-hand information technology [IT] products on the List of second-hand IT products prohibited from import for foreign parties
128. Services of provision of information contents on mobile telecom networks and the internet
129. Registration and maintenance of internet domain name services
130. Database centre services
131. Electronic identification and authentication services
132. Network information safety products and services
133. Imported newspaper publishing services
134. Trading civil cryptography products and services
135. Trading mobile information jamming and breaking devices
136. Operation of pre-school educational institutions
137. Operation of elementary schools
138. Operation of universities
139. Operation of foreign invested education establishments, of representative offices in Vietnam of foreign education establishments and of branches of foreign invested education establishments
140. Operation of continuing education establishments
141. Operation of specialized schools
142. Training activities in association with foreign parties [Twinning]
143. Educational quality accreditation services
144. Overseas study consultancy services
145. Aquaculture exploitation [fisheries]
146. Aquaculture business [trading]
147. Trading aquaculture feed and feed for breding animals
148. Services of testing aquatic feed and feed for breeding animals
149. Trading biological preparations, micro-organisms, chemicals and environment remedial agents [used] during aquaculture cultivation or breeding
150. Construction of new fishing vessels and repair of old fishing vessels
151. Registration of fishing vessels
152. Training crew members of fishing vessels
153. Breeding and cultivation of wild flora and fauna species on the CITES Convention Appendix and those on the List of rare, precious and endangered forest and aquatic flora and fauna
154. Breeding and raising common wild animals
155. Export, import, re-export, transit, and entry into Vietnam from the sea of natural specimens of species o n the CITES Convention Appendix and those on the List of rare, precious and endangered forest and aquatic flora and fauna
156. Export, import, and re-export of bred, raised or artificially propagated specimens of species on the CITES Convention Appendix and those on the List of rare, precious and endangered forest and aquatic flora and fauna
157. Processing,trading,transporting,advertising,displayingandstoringspecimensof plants and animals [flora and fauna] on the CITES Convention Appendix and those on the List of rare, precious and endangered forest and aquatic flora and fauna
158. Trading plant protection products
159. Services of treating objects subject to plant quarantine
160. Plant protection product testing services
161. Plant protection services
162. Trading veterinary medicines, vaccines, biological preparations, micro-organisms and chemicals used in veterinary medicine
163. Veterinary technical services
164. Animal testing and surgery services [veterinary practice]
165. Animal vaccination, diagnosis, prescription, treatment and healthcare services [veterinary practice]
166. Services of testing (kiểm nghiệm) and experimenting veterinary medicine
167. Farm breeding/husbandry services [farming business]
168. Services of slaughtering domestic animals an d poultry
169. Trading foods under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
170. Services of quarantining animals and animal products
171. Trading fertilizers
172. Services of testing fertilizers
173. Trading plant [seed] varieties and animal breeds
174. Trading aquaculture [aquatic or fisheries] seeds
175. Services of testing seed varieties and animal breeds
176. Services of testing aquaculture seeds
177. Services of testing biological preparations, micro-organisms, chemicals and environment remedial agents serving aquaculture
178. Trading genetically modified products
179. Medical diagnostic and treatment services
180. Plastic surgery services
181. Trading pharmaceutical drugs
182. Production of cosmetics
183. Trading anti-insect and anti-bacterial chemicals used in the household and medical sectors
184. Trading medical equipment
185. Industrial property assessment services (comprising assessment of copyright and related rights, assessment of industrial property ownership and assessment of rights relating to seed varieties)
186. Services of conducting radiation work
187. Ancillary services of atomic energy application
188. Conformity assessment services
189. Services of inspection, calibration and testing of measurement instruments and standards
190. Technology assessment, pricing/valuation and evaluation services
191. Intellectual property representation services (comprising industrial property representation services and services of right representation with respect to plant varieties)
192. Services of film release and distribution
193. Antiques assessment services
194. Services of project planning or organizing actual building work and supervising such building work to maintain, refurbish or restore relics [or monuments]
195. Karaoke and dance club business
196. Travel [tourism] services
197. Sports business activities of sports enterprises and of professional sports clubs
198. Art performances, fashion shows, beauty and model contest services
199. Trading audios and videos of dance, music and stage performances
200. Accommodation services
201. Trading national treasures, relics and antiques
202. Export of relics and antiques not owned by the State; import of cultural articles under the specialized management of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
203. Museum services
204. Trading electronic games (except for electronic games with prizes for foreigners and online electronic games)
205. Land survey and assessment consultancy services
206. Services of formulation of land use master planning and plans
207. Services of formulation of land information IT infrastructure and software development services for such land information systems
208. Services of formulation of land databases
209. Land pricing determination services
210. Measurement and mapping services
211. Hydrological and meteorological forecasting and warning services
212. Underground water drilling and exploration services
213. Services of exploitation and use of water resources, and of discharge of waste-water into water sources
214. Services of basic surveys of, and consultancy on planning and formulation of proposals and reports on water resources
215. Mineral exploration services
216. Mineral mining
217. Services of transportation and treatment of hazardous waste
218. Import of scrap
219. Environmental surveillance [monitoring] services
220. Operation of commercial banks
221. Operation of non-banking credit institutions
222. Operation of cooperative banks, people’s credit funds and micro-finance institutions
223. Provision of intermediary payment services and provision of payment services via payment accounts of customers
224. Provision of credit information services
225. Foreign exchange activities of organizations which are not credit institutions
226. Gold trading
227. Money printing and minting activities.



  • Foreign capital ownership in the economic entity;
  • Forms of investment;
  • Scope of investment activities;
  • Capacities of the investors, Vietnamese partners participating in projects;
  • Other conditions under the international Treaties and legal regulations of Viet Nam.

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